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How to solve the wrinkle in the sewing process of container bag

Zhensheng News
2021/04/23 13:36
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Container bags may make mistakes or other situations in the long-term working process, which is inevitable. After all, there will be some unnecessary troubles caused by external factors or human interference in the future. For example, if the equipment comes and goes straight, this part of the container bag may wrinkle, In fact, the reason is that the thread is too tight, and there is a solution to these problems. That is, the problem can be solved by threading back and forth. The solution is also proposed by Master Wang of double star.

container bag
In fact, this kind of problem does not appear in all the container bags. Most of them appear in some special customized bags. These bags have special requirements for load-bearing and quality. Ordinary bags rarely adopt this kind of design. After all, what kind of product corresponds to what kind of technology, In this way, we can customize the bags and processes of different products according to the needs of customers.
Just like the black T-Bag is different from the common T-Bag, the common container bag basically does not contain too heavy goods, because most of these bags are used for engineering rescue or construction sites, where the goods need larger bags to carry the goods.