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Sewing process of container bag

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2021/04/23 13:32
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With the continuous expansion of economy and trade, many manufacturers are engaged in international trade. Packaging is also developing continuously, and the packaging requirements for goods are becoming more and more strict. Just like container bags, they play an important role in the transportation of food, medicine, chemical and other blocky goods. China's container bag standards are very strict, and the classification structure of container bags Technical requirements and inspection requirements, etc.

container bags
The stitches made by the container sewing machine include lock stitch, chain stitch and wrapping stitch. Lock stitch sewing machines mainly use swing shuttle and rotary shuttle, and selvedge stitch sewing machines. Due to the need to sew thick material container bags, the important parameters include not only sewing speed, but also sewing thickness, presser foot lifting height, turning ability, etc. Sack sewing machines are generally large machines. Due to the limitation of sewing thickness, sack sewing machines are required to have excellent anti fatigue coefficient and sewing stability. In addition, most of the container bag sewing machines are differential feeding or synchronous feeding, which greatly improves the sewing life of the sewing machine.
The main raw material of the container bag is polypropylene, and a small amount of stable seasoning is added to mix evenly. This kind of sewing material is special, so it is necessary to use a special sewing machine in the sewing process. The weight of the goods carried by the container bag is immeasurable, so the use of the container bag sewing machine is more guaranteed.