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What factors affect the quality of container bags

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2021/04/22 13:43
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Container bags are produced in strict accordance with the requirements. If there are quality problems in the container bags, the manufacturers need to find out the problems. First, check whether there are problems in the raw materials. After all, under different temperatures and humidity, if the raw materials are not well preserved, it is easy for the raw materials to change, so that if there is no note in the inspection It will be a problem from the source.

ton bag
Whether the machine is stuck in the process of production, after all, belongs to knitwear, if there is a problem in the outlet, it will lead to the wire can not be output in time, resulting in loopholes or knots in some places, after all, the machine in the process of rapid operation will not be as intelligent as people, there will be mistakes in many places, which requires the staff to check the machine regularly Check and maintain the container to ensure that there will be no problems in the process of working.
When you buy a container bag, you should tell the manufacturer what you are used for. After all, not all bags are made of the same materials. Some bags are used to hold special materials, so you need to adjust the raw materials or add the corresponding materials, so that the bags you buy will not have problems when you use them.