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Can woven bags and ton bags be confused?

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2021/04/22 13:40
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Some people say that the materials of woven bags and ton bags are the same. Why is the gap so big? Those who have used woven bags know that the size is limited, and the transportation is very troublesome. If the goods are too full, it is very difficult to carry, and the nature of the woven bag itself leads to that it can't hold too many goods, but the ton bags are different. None of the ton bags are small in size, and most of the goods are large or used in storage.

woven bags
Of course, in terms of quality, these two kinds of bags can be customized according to the needs of customers, just like some ton bags need to be used to transport some sand and gravel fillers at the disaster relief site or for grain transportation. It is for a ton bag from factory to factory, which can transport a large number of goods, and the handle on the ton bag can also be transported by forklift or crane. This is better than woven bags.
However, woven bags are basically used for small groups, just as we usually use woven bags to buy rice, waste is also packed in woven bags, and even large bags are used for express delivery when taking express delivery.
After all, the two bags have different audiences and different functions, but they can be customized according to your needs.