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How to avoid long time storage of ton bag

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2021/04/21 13:35
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Did you find that the inner lining of the T-Bag was broken when you took it out because it was not suitable for a long time? In fact, this is not the problem of the bag itself, but the problem of storage
It's a matter of time. The material of the ton bag is polypropylene plastic polymer. Although the quality is objective after the production, there is also a weakness, that is, our common ultraviolet, this kind of material
The quality of bulk bags will be affected by ultraviolet rays. If they are directly exposed to the sun, the bulk bags will gradually wear out, and then the quality will drop sharply. It is difficult to accurately assess the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation

ton bags
The degree of damage, even if briefly exposed to sunlight, can lead to serious degradation of the bag.
We don't recommend putting bulk bags outdoors, but you can take some measures:
Under limited exposure conditions in medium climate, UV treated bulk bags are more resistant to UV exposure than conventional bulk bags and have a longer service life
Life is longer. However, this does not mean that the UV treated bulk bags will be completely protected from the influence of UV, and it is still not recommended to replace them for a long time
Keep it outdoors.
Another way to temporarily store the bag outside is to use a tarpaulin or some kind of covering to protect the bag from ultraviolet rays. This may be the best choice for outdoor storage,
But it's still best to keep large capacity bags indoors.
In fact, as long as you avoid long-term sun exposure, normal storage is no problem. After all, as long as you keep it well, you can recycle it for a long time.