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Damage of ton bag during transportation

Business News
2021/04/21 13:32
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In the process of transportation, it is often found that the ton bag is broken, which will cause great economic losses. As for why this kind of problem occurs, let's make it up for you
Let's analyze it. It is likely that the rupture of the ton bag is caused by sharp edges or abrasions on the sharp teeth of the forklift truck, which may cause damage to the belt
The belt is broken. In addition, if the weight of the ton bag filled with goods exceeds the safe working load, or the forklift operator uses many sudden lifting / movements when handling the bag,

the packaging bag
This will happen. The acceleration produced by the sudden rise and fall is far beyond the weight that the ton bag can bear, leading to the rupture of the packaging bag.
These problems must be avoided during transportation.
1. Please look at the forklift carefully before starting it. Do you see any sharp edges or scratches? If necessary, replace the fork or use protective gear on the fork
2. Pay attention to the weight of the bag. Do not exceed the safe working load (SWL) for any reason.
3. Lift the bag in a smooth and smooth manner to prevent the bag from shaking and causing additional tension on the lifting ring.
Although the quality of ton bags is good, we should pay attention to whether the surrounding environment and means of transportation can cause damage to the bags in the process of transportation, so as to recycle the bags