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Size of ton bag

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2021/04/21 13:26
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If you want to buy a ton bag, you should know the size and whether it is in line with the packing of the goods in the factory. Let's talk about the size. Because according to different goods will make different products
Sample size ton bags, but most of the purchased ton bags are about 90 * 85 * 90, but they can be customized according to the requirements of their own goods

ton bags
A ton bag of the same size can basically hold nearly 800 kg of goods.
When loading the goods, it is not recommended to load the goods to the opening of the bag. It is suggested to leave a space, so as to ensure that the opening of the bag can be tied up and prevent the goods from dumping. Ton bag
It can be used in the transportation of sand and stone. It is very convenient not only for transportation but also for calculation of load bearing. After loading, you can determine the weight of a package and use it directly
Forklift fork on the line, whether it is stacked or placed on the tray is very convenient.
If you need a ton bag of different sizes, you can contact our staff for customization.