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What should be paid attention to in the use of ton bag

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2021/04/16 15:15
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It has been said before that many manufacturers will consider ton bags for packaging and transportation when transporting goods, which can save a lot of costs, and the transportation is also very convenient, but after all, the bags can not be placed as upright as wooden cases in transportation, which is not fixed, so the requirements for transportation are relatively strict. The following editor will talk about how to use them Reasonable use of ton bags for transportation

The transportation must be kept clean and tidy, and follow the standard of big not small, heavy not light, whole not zero. There are also such tons of bags should be stored in a cool, dry warehouse, in accordance with the standard of big not small, heavy not light, whole not zero, prohibit exposure to direct sunlight to the area.

Naturally, in the case of application, we should also pay attention to the relative maintenance according to the natural environment of different applications, because it will suffer from the harm of the natural environment, so that we can ensure its quality. T-Bag is the packaging product of many freight logistics nowadays. Follow T-Bag manufacturers to master the common problems of T-Bag in loading and unloading: it is not necessary to stand under T-Bag in lifting.

Please hook the sling at the central government position of the sling vest or rope. It is not necessary to lift the T-Bag obliquely, single or double-sided or cable-stayed. It is not necessary to rub with other objects, hook or impact the T-Bag. It is not necessary to pull the T-Bag in the opposite direction of the sling vest. When the T-Bag is working with an electric forklift, please do not make the fork touch or tie into the bag to avoid puncturing the T-Bag When transporting, the towing tray should be used as far as possible to prevent the ton bags from being transported while shaking.