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The usage of ton bag

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2021/04/16 14:54
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T-Bag can be seen in many goods transportation. It uses T-Bag for packaging and transportation, which can reduce the cost of packaging, and it is convenient to use, and can avoid various disadvantages in the transportation process. Most users of food packaging bags choose tonnage bags. Reasonable transportation mode can save time and manpower. However, if crane is used in transportation, please pay attention to the tonnage bags not to shake in the air, which is easy to fall and damage the tonnage bags.

ton bags

Some users who use pallets drag into tons of bags on the ground. This method is not correct, and it is easy to damage the packaging bags, which is also fatal to the contents; reasonable methods should be mastered in the actual transportation process. The weight of the ton bag is very light, but it can carry two tons of bonus goods. In order to better palletize, the stacking method can adopt the method of left and right bottom seam, so as to make the cargo pile more beautiful and stronger.

The ton bag can be recycled as long as it is not damaged and can be recycled after it is damaged. The quality of the ton bag is good and bad, which is very important. Therefore, the international market has their own strict standards for the container bags products. The bias points of the specification are different. "Safety factor" is the ratio between the product acceptance and the rated design load. Mainly see, the contents of the container are loaded several times, and the contents are repeatedly lifted, whether there is abnormal condition of the contents and the bag body, and whether the joint can be damaged.

In the same specifications at home and abroad, the safety factor is generally set 5-6 times. The five times safety factor of the container bag products can be safely used for a longer time. If the UV resistant additives are added, the application range of the bag is wider and the competitiveness is stronger, which is an indisputable fact. When the sling is connected with the bag body, there are many ways of top lifting, bottom lifting and side lifting, and connected by sewing line, so sewing is also very important.